Research and Innovation Unit

Research and Innovation Unit(RIU) is an inhouse research unit of acem. It mainly focuses on minimizing the gap between industry and academia. Thus, it solves industry problems utilizing acem’s faculties, students and global experts.

How does it work?

We believe in the iterative cycle of inspire, interact, influence and iterate that can bring a sustainable change.


We organize multidisciplinary projects and activities in order to inspire students to be open-minded enough to accept new ideas.


We cultivate a meaningful environment where we could interact with students by placing an emphasis on students’ interests and motivations.


Through communication, collaboration, and active training opportunities, we influence our students towards success.


We iterate the ideas generated by the students through a series of refinements. As we know the Secret of Breakthrough Innovation is a Series of Iteration.

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What is happening at RIU?

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Frequently Asked

What does RIU do?

RIU  is committed to bridge the gap between industry and academia through various training and project based learning.

Is RIU a part of acem?

Yes, Research and Innovation Unit(RIU) is the in-house innovation wing of acem.

How can I get involved in RIU?

You can send your resume through your student email address to the RIU official email address stating your preference in joining RIU.

What kind of Infrastructure does RIU have?

Currently, RIU has a mini MakerSpace with 3D printer, Programmable Drone and Applied Artificial Intelligence with Jetson Nano AI bot. For further details, please check the RIU Student Engagement Framework.

Can I get involved in RIU even if I am not acem student?

Yes, our mission is to foster an innovative mindset within people. Even if you are not a student from acem, you can email us stating your interest.

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